Since I arrived in this life, that Shakespeare so poetically calls a stage, Science has figured out that the universe, which they contend was authored by the Big Bang, is about fourteen and a half billion years old; however, everything that science figures out, turns out to be tentative and they have to keep updating their original findings; the age and the essence of this living stage of ours are not excluded and perspective is just one of the modifying considerations that keeps changing what we call reality.

One of the most jarring instances of eye-opening perspective happened to me when many years ago, about 1985, I was hot on everything science and ran across a very controversial little article refuting some of Sciences basic conclusions about the Big Bang Theory with a great picture illustrating the article’s number one objection to the theory.

The picture was of great clouds, each cloud was of a practically unimaginable number of universes, like our own, being born, living, and dying——– In a small box projected out of one of the fantastic clouds was a picture of our Big Bang exploding into being. I was flabbergasted ——-in this article, my universe was a tiny speck born out of something indescribably bigger than itself. I can only assume that the science community did not like this suggestion at all because it was years before I saw this view put forth again; of course, these days the multiverse is talked about a lot in different ways.

Another jaw-dropping realization is that the amount of time that mankind has been a viable living creature, (according to science) here on earth compared to the age of the earth, is fantastically tiny or said another way, man has been on earth about, 0.0005 percent of earth’s lifetime. Think about the tiny percentage of time the whole lifetime of America represents compared to the lifetime of earth.

So, we are less than a tiny blip in the world’s reality no matter how we look at it, So the question is what are we when considered in the fullest most complete perspective we have gained in this mysterious world, truly mysterious in size and essence——– Mysteriously enough, many human egos have the perspective that all this known and unknown world is something to be conquered, it’s just a matter of time and method they figure. No wonder we’re such a dangerous species; no wonder God made both the literal and figurative mountains so high; to give us time to realize what we really have to conquer is ourselves and to turn our will and our lives over to HIS care as we understand HIM.