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mmy name is Jack Shinholser Sr and I live in DeBary, Fl.  I am a retired senior with a wife, Verma, and two grown sons.  I am from very modest beginnings but was able to get a college education by a football scholarship at Florida State University, and I’m very proud of making second team All-American and subsequently being inducted into the Florida State Football Hall of Fame. I was briefly under contract with the Washington Redskins but was terminated because of injury.

After pro football, I experienced a great deal of turbulence in my life brought on by a latent spirit that seemed to have just been waiting impatiently for me to complete the primary years of my life so I could dive into my real education. I was caught completely off guard by what I can only describe as a spiritual assault and lost a few years hiding in substance abuse. Thank God I have not abused anything for the past thirty years, come the 24th of April, but a typewriter and a keyboard.

iihope you enjoy the daily thoughts I bring here about everything from seeds to sand, the beginning and the end, the start and the finish and please consider my poetry and poetics book, I SEE (displayed here on this site). It’s the story in poetry and poetics of being returned to sanity and immersed into unconditional love by a power greater than myself that still allows me to be as doubting and cantankerous as I want to be.


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YOUR WORLD The world, your world looks and feels to you exactly how your

I realized the Inevitable and was a child no more;
I realized the inevitable and was a child again.

Jack Shinholser
I See

I See

Mystical And Other Spirited Poetry & Poetics


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tthe truth of my existence, my relationship to other people, and the mystery of the world around me are my constant fascinations. Many times these thoughts, meditations and feelings manifest themselves poetically. These poems and poetics are my offering.  I have divided these poetic pieces into three sections: Rebirth, Growth and Love. They reflect a long period of tumultuous change and transcendence in my life.


or some unknown reason, this book ended up in my hands. I must admit the cover is beautiful. The poetry, it grabs you from the first poem. You know a poet is great when you read the first poem and realize you have to read it again because it made you think. Shinholser writes words that glue you to the page so tightly that you feel as if you are floating through a journey that is each poem. Poetry for the soul. The book is divided into three sections; rebirth, growth, and love. I enjoyed the whole book. It’s spiritual poetry, human poetry; full of love, wisdom, and understanding.

 By Steven L. Walker, Director of Davis KiddBooksellers Poetry Series Nashville, TN:   Poet Galway Kinnell once defined poetry as that singular voice “speaking directly to what matters most.” This is precisely what the poetry of Jack Shinholser does.The poems of I See speak directly from the heart and soul in a quest to make sense of an individual life. That quest has been the purpose of poetry from the time of Gilgamesh to the present day. Mr. Shinholser lends his energy and freshness of spirit to a new wave of “grass-roots” poetry that has rediscovered the power and economy of poetry to define our place in the world and reconcile our hearts with it.


I sincerely hope that you enjoy my work!



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