I was sitting under the edge of my garage doorway this morning doctoring my athlete’s foot with a new spray advertised to wipe out any athlete’s foot problem on earth, well I’ll be the judge of that. just then a child’s voice distracted me from the careful application of my super foot spray and I looked up to see my neighbor Bill and his grandson from down the road walking what I thought was a dog but, Oh no, it was Elvis a beautiful version of a black and tan Hound Dog, he was a mixed hound and he was beautifully mixed.

Bill let go of Elvis’s leash and when Elvis heard my voice, he made a beeline up my driveway to me followed by little Jake, the grandson. So, the three of us had a great ten-minute love fest, petting and talking about Elvis who is truly beautiful, about a year old, and hadn’t even been tested on his first rabbit yet.

After a few more minutes of Saturday morning fun, Bill got Elvis back on his leash and I tidied up my foot doctoring station and took off to find my wife, Verma, to share my delightful encounter with Elvis; for a person with stage four Cirrhosis of the liver, she was having a good day, thoroughly enjoying my Elvis story until she noticed I wasn’t wearing my teeth at which time she said, “I hope you didn’t smile out there.”

I said. “I don’t think the dog, Jake, or Bill who’s seen me without my partials before noticed my missing teeth or cared if he did.”

She said, “Jack you look awful without your teeth.”

So, not to be robbed of the great mood I was in, I came back here to the office to try to capture the wonderful mood Elvis had raised in me.

When I sat down, I remembered that I’d just seen a big notice about Elvis Presley on TV yesterday and then I thought, it seems like I see something about him on TV, the internet, and in books and magazines constantly. And he, like a few others, has been elevated to a higher status like, the King; Elvis, the King of Rock n’ Roll; Michael Jackson, the King of Pop; Bob Dylan, the voice of a generation; James Brown, the King of Soul; Roy Rogers, the King of the Cowboys; and Clark Gable, the King of Hollywood.

Obviously, these huge stars, these “special people” and their performances raise most humans to great heights on elevated stages like Radio, the internet, TV, Movies, and Concerts, and when combined with hard drugs just keep the participants rising higher and higher emotionally right into the heart of, “Crazy Town”. For many, that’s been the USA’s way of temporarily rising above boredom or physical, mental, and psychological pain, they are temporarily lifted into the stars to incredible, otherworldly states and fantasies but what artificially goes up will quickly come down, most often by sunrise.

Well, Elvis the Hound Dog didn’t do for me what present-day hard drugs will; however, the visit with this Hound Dog took me to a place no hard drug can; to the absolute miraculous where every creation of God is a proof of and a guarantee of inexhaustible and unconditional, eternal love……. Loving on that dog and sharing those wonderful few minutes with Bill and Jake is beyond any fantasy spun out of a drug-soaked human head.