Down on the farm, there were two old plow horses resting in the barn after a hard day of pulling the plow in the fields. Billy, the first horse said to Spike the second horse, “Did you hear what that pretty, Perky, Little, Hen said to the Big Red Rooster?”

Spike said, “Yeah, she really gets full of herself.”

“Yeah”, Billy said. “She told Big Red that he didn’t do nothing all day but strut around here like he owned the whole place while she and the other hens had to lay all the eggs, hatch out and feed all the biddies. Big Red’s feathers went up and he caught her quick by the barnyard gate and rustled her hind feathers to a fare-thee-well ………. Big Red strutted off across the yard, as the Pretty, Perky, Little Hen got up arranging her feathers and singing a sweet new tune while all the other hens started clucking with joy and fun.”

Spike looked at Billy and said, “Yeah, next time around I’m coming back as a big red rooster.”