This morning as I was awakening from a deep night’s dreaming, I was in the garden and could hear the rich, warm, beautiful voice of the Lord humming and then singing the most rapturous songs. I could see His form moving through the lush growth as He pruned ragged, tattered trees, plants, and shrubs. He was cutting back and thinning great banks of flowers and thick beds of greenery. He was ripping out withering and dying life from the ages; His great hands moved with power and grace as they cleared new spaces for glistening new seeds and seedlings. I could feel His powerful love rising, being drawn up from within me but I pulled back in a shadow trying to hide my imperfections from His all-knowing presence although I knew He knew I was there waiting for His word, His truth and it came with the early morning light rising up from the garden and its form was new life bursting in sparkling brilliance, and His songs, eternal hymns, were taken up by a great chorus and His love and joy filled me, the garden, and the whole universe. With the radiance of the birth of a new star, I quickly sat up in my bed praising and thanking my Lord, my God for the knowledge that I am one as all mankind and all creation are one with Him and I fell back wideawake, my body humming with sweet energy and gratitude.