“All roads lead to Rome” is a very old saying; a couple of thousand years old no doubt. Rome was a very proud secular nation and empire that was extremely creative and materially successful, they even invented and worshiped their own gods until the actual, true God showed up; of course, God was always patiently there with the “great Roman Empire” watching over the spiritual unfolding of all its people.

I take a lesson from this little piece of Rome history that explains a nagging thought about the disposition of the Christian religion throughout America:

I and many, many Americans, over the years, have been questioned by doubters as to why, if Christianity is true and valid, there are so many denominations teaching that they have the true corner on spiritual truth and the only path to God and heaven.

I, personally, have never accepted that claim by any person or church from America or any other country; after many years of praying and meditation, God opened my eyes to the obvious……. Each individual in the body of Christ, at any one time, is at a particular place in their spiritual unfoldment and God provides each soul a worship and learning center that matches their place in the understanding of God’s truth, love and growth. I don’t think that anyone church has it all over another, and people will move from one church to another. Each church is there for the soul that needs to hear their particular message. America is about freedom and God provides all these churches for everyone to help them search for the message that will feed them spiritually on the rocky road of spiritual growth.

If we can accept the above answer for Christianity we can allow it for any religion that has spiritually sustained great numbers of souls for thousands or hundreds of years. Every soul is being awakened to God no matter what method god uses to do it. I know many will find this hard to accept but I totally believe that every knee shall bow to the Christ, to God Almighty no matter what name people from another land might call the Christ. (Scripture, in Romans, 14:11 states that every knee will bow to Christ)