I just had one of the most amazing, funny, silly experiences of my life – Oh, being human.

A few minutes ago, I went to the bathroom to see if my wife was ready to stand up and get out of the tub; her body is weak after eight years of dealing with liver disease and the bathroom is a dangerous place for her; however, she has her routines down and has very few mishaps. We know what to expect and so life goes on. Non-the-less, she doesn’t get to pamper herself like she did when mobility and stability weren’t an issue.

When we got her standing up and safe in the tub, she, as she sometimes does, began informing me of what she has been forced to give up in the realm of, “body-pampering” which is a term she might not like but I’m using it for lack of a better term.

So, all that to set the stage for what went through my brain as I stood before the bathroom mirror, listening to her, looking at my own aging body, then back to her describing very high-quality, female body care.

Suddenly, I felt a great rush of awareness and gratitude that my wife and I were experiencing, in this private, delicate moment, in God’s miraculous, infinite creation, the miraculous oneness of creation, and our miraculous human bodies at the same time. And, at the same time, assessing and criticizing the body for its present, shortcomings, I burst out laughing that only children of God could run a checklist of our body’s failings standing in this exalted, Holy place.