There’s a huge electrical transmission line running through the woods behind my house. This morning for some reason, I just stopped and focused on the amazing amount of power, the voltage, that’s in that line; trillions upon trillions upon trillions of electrons intensely humming and ready to be tapped by energy-hungry towns up and down the line. Studying this line, I realized that it is not the power but only a conduit for the power.

Then I realized the trees around me were just like the power line; the energy from the earth and sun was flowing through them to produce leaves, blooms, and fruit.

The train of thought brought me straight back to myself and everyone else; we are all expression of spiritual energy. The power that animates you and me is not generated by our bodies and brains, (just like the power line does not generate electricity) but by the invisible, tasteless, untouchable life force that animates every subatomic particle in all creation….. call it consciousness, the universe, God, spiritual voltage, whatever word or words suit your understanding of the ultimate power source of this creation. Personally, I think we should also include the power of love, joy, kindness, truth, loyalty, compassion, forgiveness, generosity, understanding, etc; it all, somehow, is a gift from my Father, my God. Can you feel yourself humming today?