In my quiet time of prayer this morning, I had the wonderful experience of receiving the word of God.

For decades I’ve been learning how to pray; finally, after years of trying and with great patience from my spiritual teacher and God I realized that real prayer is not some message I send to God but the word of God that comes to me when I’m silent enough, still enough, and expectant enough to receive it. God knows everything I need and want but unless I learn to receive guidance from Him I’ll be doomed to wander in circles in the wasteland of my ignorants; I cannot hear God with my mind and my mouth going.

In the last several years I’ve been savoring the sweet, sweet experience of receiving the word of God but this morning I had an extra special little realization: I realized that every time these moments with God happen the world stopped spinning, the trees stopped growing, and I stopped aging. The word of God is true, infinite, silent, and still and in those moments I am back in the garden before man started playing God, and I can pick the fruit from the tree of life freely; someday, I’ll have me a permanent place in the garden.