This morning my consciousness roused me from sleep with a powerful reminder about truth: Truth is not in a church or a science laboratory or in a cave in the Himalayas or in the treatises of the great philosophers or in another galaxy far, far away or buried deep in a mysterious pyramid in Egypt or in a lost civilization like Atlantis or in the writings of Nostradamus or down the rabbit hole or down the yellow brick road or in the Holy books of the world or in your grandmothers old letters.

The truth is in all these places and in front of and under the noses of all humans, there is nothing but truth in this incredible, miraculous, infinite world we live and move in every day of our lives; it is our fear and the resulting greed, lust, and ignorance that blots out the sweet presence of God Almighty for so many. Our brain and our vision are so thoroughly clouded that we will conveniently reject and condemn our brother and sisters to feed our illusions that they are a deadly threat to our very soul’s well being; Truth is sacrificed to fear.

Whatever illusion or shadow we allow to get between us and our creator takes on a divisive life that will separate us from our inheritance forever; and why, when I need comforting; would I run to something God created rather than to God? Personally, I most often go straight to Christ, to God for truth, wisdom, and guidance, not to human truth and wisdom. We will do well to remember that God knows no fear and we are God’s children and He is with us every moment; so, I will just try to be still and know that the truth is indestructible, that all is well and dwell in the house (the universe) of the Lord forever.