Hello everyone, I’m back; nice to see y’all and to be seen. I convinced Jack that I needed to come on and remind everyone that is an eclectic blog where we share whatever is on our hearts and minds that day. We have underlying themes of course because everything we share is the things that matter most to us.

However, even with my powerful, airtight reasoning, I still had to practically wrestle the pen from his grasp. Today, to fully convince him to give me the helm for just a few minutes I had to bring up one of his favorite pieces, “WE ARE GOD’S FINGERS AND TOES” which appeared on January 15, 2020, to point out that a new visitor to the blog might, at first, be confused if they don’t understand that each piece stands alone; they might think Jack had no real order to his thoughts, that got his attention.

He gets so fixed on keeping his brain open to new thoughts, ideas or sometimes complete pieces that just pop out that he doesn’t want to stop and do the maintenance work on the blog. In his words, he wants to keep his mind clear and open to receive the most profound but also entertaining thoughts possible for him to grasp and relate them coupled with the ordinary, everyday experience of everyone. I know what he means and I love the whole concept. So, I said all that to say this: We love sharing our thoughts with everyone, he’s a pill but I love him, he’s my brother.