As I walked away from my car toward my chiropractor’s office, I was holding my car door lock clicker thing at my chest. I clicked it and the horn sounded on the car. I thought to myself, that signal just went right through my skin, my heart and my bones — powerful little signal. I held it tighter and closer and clicked again, the horn beeped again, and again. I just couldn’t smother that little clicker. Interesting, but that’s all that little thing can do.

In my brain, there was a different click. This click was my thoughts about dreams; my long-held dreams for my future and how they can easily be smothered, unlike the little clicker. I know I must feed them on faith and daily action toward their accomplishment, but once I’ve written them down for myself and launched them, I must let them go and believe that a power greater than myself is imbuing them with that GRACE that allows them to expand out and permeate my whole world and expectations for myself. Now that’s real power, for my dream will manifest if I can do my part and allow the unknowable to do its part. Dreams are so paradoxical, they are the second most powerful thing in the world and at the same time the most delicate and tenuous. So, I must be as paradoxical as my dream and nurture it and release it at the same time or it will evaporate like the early morning mist on a Central Florida lake.