A few weeks ago I watched my neighbor next door studying several big fat caterpillars devouring milkweed in her butterfly garden. A couple of weeks later she was pointing out to me butterfly chrysalises hanging around the garden that I would never have noticed without her insistence. And then, after another couple of weeks, I see her and a bunch of butterflies dancing in the garden. She was exclaiming, “Ah, my beauties, my beauties. Go find your mates and lay your eggs, my beauties”. She stopped and looked at me and said, “Oh my God, I hate this part of the cycle Jack….those ugly, disgusting caterpillars are coming again. Why can’t you scientist find a way to eliminate those disgusting caterpillars so I can just have my beautiful butterflies? Oh,” she lamented again quite seriously, “it is so hard being a sensitive, discerning human in this world today. I caught her glance at my hair as I looked down at my ragged jeans and felt of my rumpled head and said,”Yep, there’s no accounting for taste, mother.”