You are experiencing a change of heart When:

One day you look into the face of a stranger and see yourself;
When you realize another person’s loss is not your gain;
When you seek to be of service instead of always seeking service for yourself;
When you no longer question that there’s a power greater than yourself, and
When you seek to walk with God rather than be carried.

And the change goes on WHEN:

You pray to be a miracle for another person rather than them being a miracle for you, you know you’ve already received yours;
When you’re not seeking love but see and feel love pouring out of yourself;
When you can’t wait to jump out of bed every morning and fall to your knees to pray and worship God;
When you quit wishing for stuff and start giving thanks for what you have, and
When you realize love is nourishment for your soul and not an expectation to be worshiped.

And the change goes on When:

Kindness is not just something that happened to you but an experience you shared with someone;
When you realize that the world is, truly, your oyster because you’re fishing in the divine, eternal sea, not the stock market;
When you realize the greatest of all joys isn’t receiving your youthful desires but creating youthful joy in the hearts of the young and the old;
When you realize life isn’t just a stage where men and women have their entrances and their exits but a place in eternity where we are born into the spirit, and
When you learn that learning never ends and that there’s only one student in all your world, you.

And the change goes on When:

You realize you live in a perfect universe, that it’s our human vision that is imperfect;
When you realize there is, truly, only one power, (God) and that these, so-called, earthly powers are shadows and illusions that must be understood and dissolved through Christ and faith in Christ is the light that no illusion can withstand;
When you realize you would rather be physically blind than spiritually blind;
When you realize that physical and spiritual courage comes only with practice and you realize that the peace that passes all understanding comes when you accept who is actually and totally in charge of all creation.

And the change goes on When:

You seek not to be enamored by people, places, and things because when God speaks the earth melts;
When you realize that love is the natural reaction to the presence of God because it is God; however, don’t confuse lust for love;
When you see that God is all there is; that God is the alpha and the omega and yet beyond the alpha and the omega; beyond all things, thoughts, ideas, theories, and concepts human; beyond pairs of opposites, beyond duality, yet closer than hands and feet, closer than breath and blood, etc………. there is so much more to learn with a change of heart.