When we live in a flat, featureless land, a mountain is an especially beautiful thing, and when we live in an endless range of mountains a valley is so gorgeous. But, do we love the mountains and valleys, or do our minds actually love the contrast the most?

When we’re adrift on a featureless ocean a wave is a beautiful thing, but when we’re in a raging sea, there’s nothing more beautiful to find than a soothing harbor or a lagoon. So, do we love great waves and lagoons or do our minds actually love the contrast the most? Contrast is this incredible, invisible nuance in creation that makes everything truly live. Just think of art, music, language, or our five senses without contrast. The blandness might kill you it would be so boring and lifeless.

When I was young and immature I used to look at my face in the mirror and long for lines and signs of age and wisdom, but now that I have lines and signs I’d love a fresher, brighter smile. Do I love lines and signs and a fresh youthful face or does my mind actually still love the contrast the most?

Perhaps our mind, being a gift from God, was designed by God to be an infinite, eternal instrument of contrast, the contrast that reveals God’s miraculous qualities in what we know as reality. (physical and nonphysical) I hope so, I would much rather be out in creation living in contrast, and dare I hope growing, than eternally, safely sitting in the corner twiddling my thumbs with a halo over my head. Please, I’m definitely not making any claims; it’s just a figure of speech.