I awoke in a dream last night to repeated deafening roars as a gigantic tail of a shiny black Dragon split the light and the air over my head and there was earth-shaking, crashing, and thrashing like in a great earthquake as an equally gigantic white Dragon leveled the black one. They rolled, bounced, gouged, and bludgeoned each other, threatening the axis of the planet, alternately slashing and slamming each other with sea singeing sheets of fire and thunder, kicking off the tops of mountains and rolling over and crushing whole cities down in the valleys.

“What disguised demons from hell are these?” I screamed and they stopped dead still in their tracks, leaned, comrade like, on each other, peering at me —— the black one from a single, fierce but subsiding white eye and the white one from an equally fierce but subsiding black eye —— an enormous low guttural, rumble of laughter shook me and my hiding place as these indulged, frolicking bad boys stroked their incredible, bulging bellies and munched on great slices of our civilization.

The atrocious, ill-mannered defilers finished their gruesome meal as the sun steadily descended into the soothing darkness and the cycloptic eyes of the rambunctious destroyers dropped into sleep, as green, red, brown, blue, and more Dragonflies settled into their tiny dragon ears and the new moon and the whole world was deadly quiet in the dark and I fell back into the temporary illusion of safety and peace.