For the past couple of days I’ve been thinking about love and what it is; I guess because of Easter. Like everyone else, I’ve wrestled with this question since I learned to think about anything. It’s clearly the most important thing in life to us humans. Of course, Like everyone else, I’ve plodded through the cutesy pie answers to what love is, so I won’t beset you with a rehash of them. But, after rehashing all these inadequate theories myself again, I believe I understand a lot of our problems.

It seems to me, the problem with people and our thinking about love is that we try to own it like we try to own the rest of God’s creation. In our young innocence, most of us are blessed to find love but in our immaturity and ignorance often lose it. The stout-hearted regroup and fashion a cheap copy of the love they experienced and remember from their first love and, again, shoot for the moon, but when that doesn’t work they wonder what the hell’s wrong. what happened? Where did love go?

People, people, how could we forget? The really wise people in our lives, not the surface, slick, fast talkers, but the real wise people told us —— love is not a relationship between people alone; it’s a relationship between you and another person through God —— God has all the love. God is the source, the infinite generator of love and all creation. If we want to give and receive love, we must be a conduit for it. We’re not the generator of it, deal with it humans, you’re only wonderful because God is animating you, His child, in all your splendor; that is until you decided that you want the very best for yourself, alone. (You shut the conduit from God off; you’ve decided you’re so special that you can do what God can do.) So, you try to commandeer what you want and screw it up, again……..Finally, if we’re fortunate (I’m talking about myself here) we start the arduous, painful lessons that, if we are still flexible, open, and strong enough can return us to, or bring us to, for the first time real love.