iin the Christian Bible, God is asked in Psalm 8:4, “What is man that thou art mindful of him?” That was a very valid question at that time and an even more valid question today when we consider how much knowledge we have of the complexities of our unfathomable universe or perhaps multiverse. For instance, there are billions upon billions of giant stars in our sky; the largest things in the universe, each one a million times larger than our own much smaller sun, and each putting out staggering amounts of energy. But, as awesome as our sun and these giant stars are, they are composed of only two or three elements; hydrogen, helium and sometimes carbon, compared to earth’s 118 elements.

So, now, we must consider that these one hundred and eighteen elements combine into an infinity of great, wonderful and delicate forms, like a majestic Redwood tree or the fingers and toes of a newborn baby. And further, consider the intricate and delicate emotional, mental and spiritual thought that powers the unique experience of our lives. Perhaps this is why God is mindful of us.