Today I want to tell you a story. I can’t prove this story is true, but no one can prove that It’s not true.

Early one morning in the year 33 AD by the Sea of Galilee a small boy left home with his parents carrying five barley loaves and two small fishes to join a group of people who had heard Jesus was in the area and many of them were out searching for Him and His disciples and where they would be appearing and teaching that day.

by afternoon, Jesus had been found across the Sea of Galilee where He was meeting and talking with many different people as well as the small boy carrying the the five barley loaves and two small fishes who stayed right beside Jesus all afternoon listening to every word He said and watching every move He made.

As the afternoon waned, Jesus became concerned that the people had not eaten and so speaking to His disciples found that there was no food for this amazing crowd of 5000 people except for five barley loaves and two small fishes brought by the young boy. With delight, the boy offered up his bread and fish and watched Christ multiply the food and feed the 5000 souls with it. As the boy looked on in wonder, Jesus turned to him and said, “Here, child, eat” and the child was illuminated by this gift of God.

Later, staying as close to Jesus as possible, the boy watched Him disappear out over the water in search of His disciples. The boy waded out knee-deep into the sea and longingly looked out over the waters and heard the words, “Not yet son, you are not ready yet”.