Spring has been surging and thrusting up in my yard and neighborhood for the last several days. I watch and feel the spring juices rising; a powerful potion of mystery, beauty, and desire; intensifying nature’s promise of rebirth and a stairway to heaven. The birds the bees and the butterflies are shamelessly flaunting their birthright in the dream and the reality of having it all.

Like everyone else, like the true believer, I feel my visible and invisible self lifted toward eternity. I feel the promise down into the infinite center of every atom that comprises me. I feel the divine oneness claiming this grandest of all metaphors and hear the sweetest melody of the most gifted piper leading me to mortal transcendence.

Even the delicate styles and shapes of the spring flowers reflect the shapes and colors of galaxies strewn across the heavens and every constellation of stars reminds us of animals, or a thing or a thought in the fantastic outer and inner world of our consciousness. We are one mind seeing and celebrating ourselves in every new dimension we discover. The flame of life heralds the never-ending desires of life and I’m not going to miss the trip.


PS: I have a book for sale on Amazon, it’s only $5.99. The title is, I SEE – Mystical and Other Spirited Poetry and Poetics by Jack Shinholser. I’m sure you will love the book, there are so many great pieces in it on rebirth, growth, and love.