(God listens to everyone)

The Devil allowed himself to get very upset and angry one day and went out looking for God and found Him relaxing high on the very top of the Rocky Mountains; lovingly watching the huge, expansive waters of the great Pacific Ocean rolling majestically in their lavish, life-filled, home.

The Devil was choking back the force of his exasperation as he quickly listed the items of his frustration with one of God’s children; a very special child with an incredibly patient, jovial, loving, kind, and humble demeanor by the name of Ben. Ben, no matter the frustration traps or bad luck situations set by the Devil could not be perturbed………The Devil, to ease his great agitation, crunched another large femur bone in his massive, gruesome jaw and ended by pointing out to God that when he’d put a deadly viper or a vicious creature in Ben’s path, God would just gently move the danger out of ben’s way before Ben even saw it.

The Devil finally groaned deeply and said, “God, you said I’m in charge of the Earth, and sooner or later, I’ve been able to, at least for a while, set any man or woman into a rage over some frustration or loss they’ve suffered and even a flat-out denial of you but you don’t allow your precious Ben to be tempted, tempted to damn the world and everything in it because of some loss or pain he suffers.”

God turned and looked down on the gnarled face of Lucifer and said, “No Satan, it is not I that does not allow you to upset Ben, but Ben himself because of the promises I made to him and all my children, including you, Satan. And, in his deep faith, he believed me and has not, to this day doubted me. He could start doubting me tomorrow, he has free will, but that is always up to him.