God is all there is; there is no place where God ends and anything else real begins. God is the Alpha and the Omega and yet beyond the Alpha and the Omega; He is beyond all things, thoughts, ideas, theories, and concepts human; beyond pairs of opposites, beyond duality, yet closer than hands and feet, nearer than breath and blood. God is with me at all times and all places because He is my mind, spirit, body, soul, my whole being. Where can I go from God? He is omnipresent. I live move and have my being in Him.

I said all the above to present a quote from Tony Parsons; an Englishman who shares his understanding of Non-Duality in his book, “The Open Secret”. Non Duality is a five-thousand-year-old teaching from India. The quote is: “You cannot find what you already have”; if you have your keys, you can’t go find your keys. However, the greatest endeavor of humans in the entire world is searching for God or some substitute for God, anything to make us feel safe and ok, like money, prestige, power, fame, position, etc.

I had God, but still, wondered in the wilderness of this world searching for Him. I searched every hard science, soft science, especially philosophy, religions, (east, west and primitive), and occult studies. I got clean and sober and got lots of psychological counseling. I attended more spiritual and psychological programs, courses, and teachings than I can recall off hand; I sought any knowledge or treatment that I thought my heart, mind, and soul needed to satisfy my unrelenting need for God.

I know now I was demanding, subconsciously, a solid figure standing in front of me saying, here I am Jack, I am God; you have found me. I can admit it now; with 20/20 vision I was blind.

Now, I can see that every part of creation — that I can ever be aware of in any way — is God appearing to me, visibly or invisibly. Even the apparently empty spaces around me and throughout the universe are a part of the Holy Oneness of the reality of God. Look at the walls of the room you’re in, look at the chairs, the table, your body, the light coming through the window, all God; one total, infinite IS. God is appearing as you, God is appearing as me. The more I look at everything the more I know I’m one with everything; even the reality of God that extends beyond everything, beyond what we know as infinity.

Whatever I can imagine, God is beyond that. This seems to be the way we wake up; each new phase or step in awareness expands our consciousness and we move closer, grow closer to God, we see clearer and clearer as we go deeper and deeper into eternity. Praise be to Thee, precious All Mighty God.