Jim could feel his awareness softly opening as the veil of unconsciousness and sleep receded. The soft current of aliveness moved quickly and silently in his limbs, body, and flesh as his first conscious thought formed in his brain, “God Is”. A charge of spiritual voltage shot through him as he turned from his side onto his back and a second sentence flashed from his mind to his tongue, and he heard himself saying, “Praise be to Thee, Almighty God, praise be to Thee precious Lord, my Creator. Thank You, thank You, thank You, Father, for Your life, my life, my mind, my soul, my being. Praise be to Thee, Almighty God for revealing to me that I am one with You. I love You Father, I love You, I love You. Thank You, thank You, thank You, Father. I am eternally grateful for Your life, Your truth, Your wonder, Your glory, Your intelligence, Your wisdom, Your creativity, Your care, your friendship, and Your supply of all my needs. Praise be to Thee Almighty God. Jim kept embracing and adoring the love and joy that was surging through his mind, body, and soul as his arms wrapped around himself in a posture of ascension. He relaxed, feeling himself glowing, his mind teeming with aliveness. He threw back the covers as he spoke the sentence, “Thank You, Father, for revealing to me that I am one with You.” And, his feet hit the floor.

He stood by the bed for another minute with his arms raised over his head, with his hands and fingers extended powerfully into infinity, then he called out his praises to God again and moved toward and through the bedroom door. Across the great room he saw light coming from the office door where his wife was working on one of her projects that she used to help her ignore the pain that constantly tortured her body and was threatening to take her life; but now, after five years, he didn’t allow himself to think that soul defeating word, “why”.

He went straight to the kitchen and ran a sixteen-ounce​ glass full of beautiful, clear water; held it up to the dim, early morning light coming through the window and watched the tiny bubbles rising to the water’s surface. Jim felt grateful for the beautiful, clear liquid as he put two fingers into the water and felt the “presence” the presence of his creator. Feeling the connection he asked God to bless the water to the nourishment and health of his body, mind, and soul. He paused, then removed his fingers, popped his tiny thyroid pill into his mouth and turned the glass up and drank it all.

As always, he had tried to be very quiet in the kitchen but as usual, his wife walked in, always aware of him. Jim said, “Morning” because she didn’t like the phrase good morning, she just nodded. He opened his arms wide for her and held her as securely and as deeply as he knew how. They spoke no words, they needed no words; they knew their story, their situation all too well. As he held her, Jim silently, without thought envisioned his love and faith and all the spiritual power in him being passed straight into her being. He knew his prayers mattered. In a few more moments he released her, kissed her and then the chatter of their daily routine began.