God, spell it out more clearly please, and faster, moans the human, I’m in a hurry, I’m a very important person.
God, could you come back tomorrow, I’ve got some very important appointments today?
God, can You fit all that great truth on a bumper sticker, I’d love to share it with the world but right now I got to run.

God has spelled His truth out in the Bible and many other sacred BOOKS from around the world, BOOKS, humans, sacred, BOOKS) —- Also, much of God’s truth is revealed in the fantastic gift of SCIENCE that He has given us; of course, we have to read BOOKS written for the laymen on science to understand but a person can do that, (I was a solid “C” student all the way through school and I read those books for laymen when I really got hungry for the truth,) —- And, Oh, Wow, when you put all these sources together we get a spelling lesson from God that sets you on fire. We get the splendid blazing light of insight and epiphany pouring out from around, from behind, and from between all the words and lines; they leap into the brain, cutting through the darkness of ignorance, knocking holes in, and finally flattening, the walls of fear, anger, guilt, shame, lust, etc. that most of us have built up in our lives. When we add Holy scripture, spiritual interpretation, science, and the gift of a powerful brain to bring it all together, we have what I call some very powerful soul food being fed to us with an amazing silver spoon. Reach out and grab the hand of the Holy Spirit; Don’t be on the last boat that sails for glory.