Gravity, physical or spiritual must be respected or our plans in life will be short-lived if they get off the ground at all.

If we’re only erecting a nice camping tent on a camping trip we better have a sturdy center pole; for just as a skyscraper or a nation must have an amazing central support system that is vital, the support system of our personal endeavors, as well as our whole world, must also be vital. People or nations who fall in the storms of life will be those with no strong inner core to support them when the cruel winds of change begin to blow.

According to my understanding, character is the mighty mainstay of people and nations. Character, consists of faith, love, commitment, loyalty, and honesty, just to name some of the central qualities; and of course, the character must be based on their understanding of God. If there is no, God-provided, spiritual character, I don’t believe any lasting human endeavor will long stand.

In our nation, some would transform us, and redefine us, not by any powerful new central mainstay but by destroying what we were founded on, and that includes even our basic understanding of a loving God. For them, their power and control, their authority is their god, and they want to replace our loving God with their god, authority, the authority to dictate our lives, I don’t believe a person or a nation can serve two masters or two Gods, they know this and mean to destroy our faith in God.

What aberration of life has brought these people upon us? I think we have termites in our main tent pole and gravity, spiritual and physical, will exact its judgment upon us if we don’t wake up, get rid of our termites, and stay awake.