How big is your God? Is He a tiny little God that you keep in a tiny little box in the back of your mind or is the tiny little box empty except for a note from ego that says, “see, there’s no god here at all” or is your God a huge, dark, frightening tyrant that threatens you if you deviate from His dictates or maybe your God is some well-rehearsed talking points you’ve internalized for when you have to talk to a Christian…………

OR, is your God a loving presence that is with you no matter if you’ve ventured into hell to take a sip from the devil’s cup or you’re tightly holding His hand, striving for clarity and understanding in this crazy world; knowing that He is not, only, with you but also patient and forgiving if you pause to look at something that catches your eye off the lighted path. And, you don’t give up or give in if you stumble or fall for you have no doubt that His love, wisdom, and strength will lift you up to again strive for and run to Him, and His perfect, unfolding truth, the truth that is constantly feeding our souls.