A little family news

This past weekend I met my only blood-related grandson for the first time in my life. The family had looked for him for years until his maternal grandmother finally found him.

I wanted to write something as beautiful and wonderful today as the meeting was Saturday but the build-up and beauty of the actual moment I first laid eyes on him and the few hours I spent with him along with his father, my son, Jack Jr. and some other family members was way beyond my ability as a writer to express; it was just wall-to-wall, top to bottom, precious moment to precious moment wonderful.

He is thirty-seven years old with children of his own and a lot of life history but so much of the time we spent together he could have been in a cradle — I shamefully dominated his time hovering over him. We were talking about his fine education, excellent work history, and several intense life experiences but he was almost like a newborn to me I couldn’t help continually embracing his beautiful spirit like he was brand new. I am so thankful for this amazing addition to my life; I hope he comes to feel the same.