Before I get back on the interstate I’d like to just say a couple of words about what’s dear to me…………………………

After all these decades of charting my course through this life, there are a few things that I’ve come to steadfastly believe. Number one is that there is a power in and over my life greater than myself. Number two is that my principal pursuit in life is spiritual and not material. Number three is that my relationship with my Creator, love, and friendships are the most valuable possessions I have, so I nurture them every day. Number four is to try and keep the golden rule, you know; treat others as you want to be treated. And fifth, on a practical/spiritual day-to-day basis I believe that from the moment our life begins a perfect, precious, infinite, invisible Truth that I’ve come to know as pure “Isness” or a holy medium that we and everything exist within (The Creator) goes before each and every one of us manifesting and preparing all our experiences (with people, Places, thing, situations, and conditions) to help our lives unfold for our benefit, the better I hold to my beliefs the more I grow in all aspects of my life.


I quickly got the message from the Cowboys; I was going to be part of their Saturday night fun. I wisely decided that getting up on the interstate was the only sensible option I had. However, Standing on the side of the interstate in the dark with your thumb out and Cowboys looking for you makes you feel very tense and hopeless at the same time; the traffic is whizzing by at seventy to ninety miles per hour and if a driver sees you at all it’s when they’re already right on you, this was quickly clear also. I was in a bad spot, so I did what I often did when I found myself in a bad spot, I did something reckless, especially when it seemed to be the only way out.

A little voice in my head said, Jack if you want a ride you have to be seen, so get up on that overpass bridge railing and wave that white laundry bag at the traffic. Within five minutes a little sports car geared down and screeched to a stop and I was off sailing down the highway with Jack Redeagle an Apache Indian who was a retiree from the US Post Office and tonight was on his way to Fort Worth to hear his son’s band who was playing at the opening for a new night club in town.

I was feeling a lot of gratitude as Jack Redeagle and I cruised through the cool night air toward Dallas/Fort Worth. Jack was a delightful and unusual man and after getting what seemed to be a good fix on me and my little adventure he explained in clear detail what he was about since he’d retired. He had developed a school for the study of the Occult and Metaphysics located just northeast of the interstate where he picked me up. The students, if they wished, could live on his compound and work there for their tuition and board. I was fascinated as he described how he’d planned the school and brought it all together not to mention all the subjects the school offered and how they were taught. As I listened, I was wondering if this is what God had in store for me, but as interesting as it sounded, I could feel I had something much bigger on my horizon. Actually, schools of any sort were a turn off for me now, but I kept his information for a very long time just in case I changed my mind.

Jack’s son’s band was very polished and we stayed at the club till midnight. He said he’d thought about what I‘d told him about where I might be going; I’d mentioned that Connie had suggested I go out to Eugene Oregon, but really I was just headed anywhere west. He said that there was a big truck stop out on Interstate twenty and I should have no trouble catching a trucker headed all the way to El Paso.

Jack pulled up at the truck stop and shook my hand. Actually, I felt like giving him a big bear hug because he exuded the vibe of an angle. On top of all his other kindnesses, he’d gone at least twenty miles out of his way to get me to this truck stop. I really didn’t want to part company with him as I watched him drive away, but I picked up my laundry bag and turned to face all the big rigs, lights, and a humming terminal.