I went to visit God at one of His many mansions. When I got there the door was standing wide open and the screen door wasn’t hooked. The thick, plush doormat said welcome in many languages but when I stepped onto it, it changed to just one word in English, WELCOME and a banner over the door said come on in printed in a southern drawl.

I stepped inside very carefully and called out, “Hello, is anybody home?” A beautiful wall hanging hung just inside the door that said, “MY HOME IS YOUR HOME”.

The entry hall was grand with wonderful tapestries and gold appointments that kept my steps short, halting, and timid as I moved from one grand, amazing room to another.

However, Being the curious human that I am, and having taken in a few of the grand rooms, I began to wonder about the extra large, tightly closed doors recessed further back in the wall than the smaller doors; what might be hidden behind them, and were they locked or forbidden but then I recalled the sign at the front door that said, “MY HOME IS YOUR HOME”.

Nervously, I turned the knob, WOW, I was shocked as I peeked into the room and then into many more: behind door, after door, there were fantastically huge rooms with drawings and etchings of many, many different kinds of animals and plants from Earth’s billions of years history. There were many kinds of prototypes of every animal I’d ever seen or heard of and a huge number I’d never heard of or dreamed of. There was even an enormous geological design and creation lab and an astronomy lab that I can hardly begin to describe. If I hadn’t been studying God’s miraculous creation, through our best scientist most of my life, I’m sure I would have been overwhelmed and just passed out. actually, I guess it was the multileveled, multidimensional, maybe boundless creative, work complex that an aware person would expect God to need for His infinite work in infinite fields and on infinite canvases of creation.

I was so engrossed in the enormity and complexity of all the exhibits revealing the unfoldment of Earth and our universe that for hours I kept ignoring all the intuitive messages I was getting concerned about my comfort, my needs and my well-being, they were getting urgent. Finally, I was so tired I just plopped down in a beautiful, comfortable chair exhaling in disbelief and belief, I don’t know how long I’d been running from treasure to treasure, from room to room not to mention the times I saw such engaging features and panoramic views of our new world through big picture windows that I was stopped dead in my tracks, struggling with whether to go outside or continue to follow the train of thought I was on.

I could feel myself falling helplessly into my exhaustion when I heard that wondrous voice that I hadn’t heard but once before in my life; It was years ago when I was at the end of my rope in Las Vegas and the voice said, “My Child, everything is fine, you are fine, just keep doing what you’re doing”, that’s all He said…….and, yes, it was a wonderous male voice ……. I opened my eyes and listened for God’s voice again. (it had to be God’s voice, no human or even angelic voice could sound like that) From somewhere just above and behind me He continued ……. “My Child, why are you so astounded? This is your home I’ve been telling you about forever and ever. Of course, there is no rush here, you have all the time you need or want to adapt but so much and so many other mansions await you when you are ready……. Now, you are hungry and tired, so go out to the courtyard or the terrace by the precious, living waters into the fresh air and sparkling sunshine. You will be amazed at how you will be totally revitalized and refreshed. Tell them what you want, anything at all. And, yes, I know you have countless questions and there will be someone you can talk to there or I’ll come talk with you as long as you wish.”

I closed my eyes and began to weep, it was all true, God is always with me. I wanted to be held and so, God held me.