The wisdom of Artificial Intelligence …. Is that an oxymoron? I’m sure I could line up quite an army of “intelligent” people on both sides of this question; personally, I say yes it is an oxymoron because the gift of human intelligence from our creator, which is much more complex than science knows at this point and may never know in more than a theoretical way, cannot be boxed up with a bow on top and given to the Tin Man.

What I’m focusing on here is the mania of convenience; the drive of our culture for maximum convenience opposed to a balance between healthy, individual self-reliance and convenience. My opening paragraph above is meant to illustrate man giving up on God for eternal life and having it be his infinite goal and the epitome of his ingenuity where he could live forever in a metallic box embellished with replaceable biological adornments for his sensitive side. My God, I can feel a shiver down my spine just thinking about it.

So, obviously, I’m a proponent of balance; of dealing with the fears of the flesh, of interpreting our own road signs, of negotiating the slings, arrows, and snares of this life and keeping our feet on the ground. We are not in this life to escape its reality but to personally master its miraculousness through totally embracing the love, wisdom, and guidance of its creator, now that’s a real goal in life.