This morning in prayer and meditation I had a wonderful experience. Of course, talking to God in prayer is great, and then quieting my brain in meditation so God can speak to me is an experience beyond any description I’ve ever come up with, but I never stop trying. This morning I meditated on Joy; what is joy? In my meditations over the years, God has always given me an answer, but the more I pose this question with my brain turned off, the sweeter the answer I get. It’s quite a joy to realize that I may never be able to know God’s truth completely, perhaps a journey that will never end.

This morning the answer was so sweet and soothing that I thought I would share it. The answer I received was: “joy is the natural reaction God’s children have to His love.” We experience God’s love in many, many ways, whether it’s the love I give and receive from my wife, my children, a puppy, a friend, my neighbor, or being touched by love through someone’s art, literature, music, or their conversation. Love, which I believe is just another word for God, permeates everyone and everything.

I may sound like a novice to some, but I pray to never forget I’m always a novice in relation to God.