My friend Keith never said so in so many words, but of course, it was obvious he was pleased to see that I seemed to be moving in the establishment direction. Over the months I ran the Super Slide, he’d visit me and among our conversations about all we had in common, he liked to throw in information about the local, state and national political worlds. It helped because it was very informative and I enjoyed it.

Along with my old friend Keith, I also had made some new friends at work that were educating me to the realities of the inside, state political world. With all their stories and some of the socializing I did with a couple of representatives, I was seeing where a lot of the nuts and bolts of compromise were carried on in state government. But, even in my idealism of reinventing my world, I had no problem with seeing that this was a necessary part of getting the job done in any representative republic. However, for me, I much preferred going to small bars socializing with the guys, any guys, because I didn’t need to give my name and since I wasn’t wearing a football helmet no one ever recognized me.(just a little joke there folks) This whole life I had going was a sweet kind of belonging without having to be too pigeonholed by the past.

A statement like that might not make sense to a lot of people and I know it might sound ungrateful, but I felt like providence had lifted a blessing off my life and left me with no confidence in what I had been or where I was going; convinced that I had to reinvent the whole damn universe, discover and define something in me but unknown to me.