This morning I was standing in my kitchen staring into the water I’m asking God to bless to the nourishment and health of my body, mind, and soul; the beautiful miraculous gift of water that as I drink enlivens me and I look out my window at the beautiful trees and in a Holy, creative explosion ignited by the presence of God I become a huge, expanding, shining, thrillingly alive, spiritual tree with thousands of limbs, twigs, leaves, and buds delivering to my consciousness wonderful surging energy from every cell, every atom and deeper yet from the source beyond human naming and imagining.

All the energy, power, love, joy, intelligence, wisdom, creativity surging up to meet the Holy light pouring in from above creating the spiritual voltage that has become the spiritual song of life that I and you are singing ever moment of eternity, praise be to God.

With a warm whirring feeling in my body, I walked out of the kitchen toward the bathroom to brush my teeth and continue to praise every miraculous thing and thought I encounter on the way, everything out every window of my house and joyous prayers in my mind, Christ’s mind, God’s mind, our mind as we seek the ever-expanding love of God; in that mind, in that state where we can see that everything is exactly as it’s supposed to be at this moment if we have eyes to see and the heart and wisdom to understand. Hallelujah! Hallelujah! Hallelujah!