It was fun the other day writing about “Double Clutching” in Las Vegas here on my website. However, the experience was not fun at the time. Of course, looking back on those Las Vegas memories, none of them were fun. They were not supposed to be fun, I wasn’t on vacation. I was running from my life. Actually, since I’ve learned to forgive myself, I see that a wisdom much greater than mine helped me throw all caution out the window and escape for the sake of my sanity. I needed to put Tampa, Tallahassee, and the whole state of Florida in my rearview mirror. The wheels had come completely off the life I had accepted for myself and I desperately needed to put distance between myself and everything I thought I knew to gain a new perspective, and Las Vegas was the perfect place to find it.
What is so interesting to me now is that I was in one of the “Fun Capitals” of the world, and I’m a fun guy, (then and now) but I was having no fun. Everything I did in Vegas was about mental, emotional and spiritual health. I never encountered one person, not even a woman, that interaction with them was about fun, and at twenty-eight years old I always had my eye out for female companionship and fun. To me, it’s just one more experience that proves that God always gives us exactly what we need, when we need it. (that includes where I am and what I have right now) It’s up to me to, sooner or later, see it and accept it with the right attitude. That’s exactly what my old football coach, John Adcock, use to say to me anytime I’d get too full of myself and get confused, “Jack, It’s all in your attitude son.” It took a very long time to get that through my thick head, but that’s life, I love it.