A little spiritual fairy tale:


Once upon a time, there was a boy of 25 and that boy was me and I began to wake up from a deep, deep sleep. I awoke to see that I had an amazing consciousness that, as far as I could tell, had no discernable boundaries. However, that was just a guess because my consciousness was so buried, engulfed, “ensludged” in mental and emotional junk and garbage like self-pity, unnecessary guilt and shame, fear, greed, false pride, lust, jealousy, etc that I couldn’t see very far and what I could see looked very disgusting.

By the grace of God I began to hear the faint spiritual message that hidden under all these piles and piles of human mental, emotional garbage was my inheritance of an infinite, eternal garden of love, joy, wisdom, understanding, grace, peace and supply; endless gifts from the very power that created me, Almighty God.

The spiritual message kept coming through clearer and clearer: it kept pushing me to clean my amazing gift of consciousness of the garbage and in every inch of cleared space keep planting, enlarging and nurturing God’s gifts of love, joy, wisdom, peace, intelligence, creativity, etc and in time I would have a glorious, stupendous, eternal spiritual garden that human words could never describe. So, that boy, me, who hears the message loud and clear now works every day on his incredible, eternal, spiritual garden and goes around telling everyone that everyone lives happily ever after.