I wrote this piece a few years ago but I like it very much for today.


I love my privacy, my silence in the early morning. I love to go to my quiet place to commune with the presence of God as I understand Him. There in the silence, in calm, serene meditation I remember who and what I really am and what my true purpose is. When I take care of this all else falls into place no matter how difficult the problems of that day are; and like everyone else, I have difficult problems.

I love my wife, but we both need our privacy. I love my neighbor, but I also love my fence. I love the vehicles driving by my house, but some days there’s too many and some go too fast. I love radios and TVs but not to stimulate me in the morning; I don’t want some local or national personality trying to make me their zombie. I’ll find a weather or traffic report if I need it, but not at the expense of them taking control of my brain and indoctrinating me with titillating gobbledygook from A to Z. I’ll be thinking their thoughts or mine and I much prefer my thoughts for my guidance system through life. If someone’s goanna own me, I want it to be me.

I know that humans have devised some great guidance systems in our conquest of our world: the sextant to find our way by reading the stars, navigational clocks came along to aid the sextant, maps are great, and GPS is mostly trustworthy I hear. For the soul, there is the church that best suits you or perhaps you gain most from an individual, spiritual teacher that speaks directly to your soul. For me, my privacy and the treasure I found within myself, along with some of the previously mentioned aids, makes a perfect guidance system for my life. I know its working because I’m not lost anymore.