From the beginning, Sean, when you were a twinkle in the whole family’s eye, a beautiful expectant image of you began to grow, especially in your grandmother’s mind of what an amazing grandchild you were going to be. She traveled all the way up to your family’s home at least a week before you were born to rub your mama’s belly and tell you, day after day, how much she loved you.

Sean, by the time we met, Your grandmother and I had fallen in love, got married, and I had been thoroughly schooled on grandma’s amazing grandson. And, even though I wasn’t there at your birth, through the love and power of your grandmother’s devotion to you and your life, I became a full-fledged grandfather and supporter of your future along with your whole family.

Now, after twenty-five years and solidly in your manhood Sean, and having already been tried to the depths of your young heart by four very difficult years of delays by Covid and other problems, you have completed your white coat ceremony and induction into medical school. As I watched you on stage dawning your white coat officially entering the arduous six-year curriculum to become a surgeon, my mind was going back over all the stages and extremely trying life problems I watched you face and handle with the support of your whole family and the ever-present presence of God.

So, here we are, Sean, You ask for it, and now you are on your way to a life of powerful leadership in our world. You have accepted the life of healing and I can see that your devotion to your fellow human beings only starts at the physical body of those you wish to help but does now and will continue to expand deep into the body and soul of your future patients.

I believe God puts His calling on us all from the start and with all the wonderful gifts and talents He has bestowed upon you, body and soul, He is preparing you to bring a great amount of healing to many, many people in the coming years.

Love Grandma and Grandpa