Over the rim of my coffee mug, I saw that my wife’s flower seeds were sprouting in an old egg flat sitting in the sun here on the back porch; another grandstand of gorgeous flowers will grace our yard again this year. As I admired all these tiny new citizens of my world my mind irresistibly leaped to the incredible subject of seeds; just one of the amazing, metaphorical tools God uses to manifest Himself, to reveal Himself.

All kinds of seeds began turning through my mind; hard seeds, soft seeds, seeds that float through the air or water, tiny seeds that produce giant plants and trees and big seeds that produce small plants, seeds over two thousand years old that will still sprout, seeds that feed millions and billions of people, seeds that get you high or even kill you, seeds that enter an egg and explode to produce a human, and mental and spiritual seeds that beget families, communities, cultures, nations, civilizations, and universes.

I am moved to an enthralling euphoria of love as I realize that America is a spiritual seed that was created, germinated and is blooming in the eternal, infinite mind of God.