Yesterday, I watched college football on TV, my favorite programming of the year. I really get into reliving my years as a player and the amazing intensity of the game. When I’m watching my favorite games, I can taste the dirt, and the sweat, and feel the shock of every powerful blow; I remember the split-second intensity of smashing into the man in front of me and the battle to keep him and his team from scoring.

I played middle guard and middle linebacker over the center and every time he snapped the ball to the quarterback, he had a furious fight on his hands as I teed off on his head and body with the fury of one or both of my forearms. That was my job; knock him silly, throw him aside and run over any other blocker that got in the way of tackling the ball carrier; making him wish he had taken up tennis instead of football.

Ahhhhh, “smashmouth football on a smashmouth afternoon”; it’s pure joy to see that the football coaches of today are still teaching, still instilling the same great spirit in our young men today as the coaches of the past did. I believe the competition and the sportsmanship they’re taught make them feel worthy of the life they’ve been given and as they mature on God’s path for them, they make great human beings here on earth and then beautiful citizens in heaven.

When I’m watching and feeling the joy of pure, honest college football or any of our great sports, I remember that the incredible sports world, both amateur and professional, has grown from the great American, undefeatable Spirit and that’s why, “Leftism”, a movement that has slithered out of the dark, dank, nasty cracks of the world’s underbelly and, over time, as we grew more and more complacent, squirmed their way into every God-inspired institution and principal America was founded on and runs on. They intend to undermind the whole grand structure of our country and steal and feed on what they can’t produce themselves…………. They love the fruits of America, but they don’t have the faith, tenacity, and love of the beautiful Holy Spirit to join in the great daily effort it takes to raise up and sustain a great nation like America.

So, watch football everybody or your favorite sport, men don’t let a woman sew lace on your underwear, and women don’t let someone who doesn’t know who the hell they are, tell you who you are, get inspired, be real, don’t suffer fools, and remember and honor our heritage. We are Americans and all those that have gone before us are watching. I wouldn’t dare let them down they have given me way too much. We have always been working at improving America and only a fool would tear it down and wait for someone who doesn’t know their ass from first base to build a dreamy utopia. Have a blessed Sunday and then find a way to get back to work tomorrow, that’ll make America work.