My bathroom floor looks likes an abstract painting. Every morning I sit and look at all the faces, animals, cartoon characters, cowboys, religious figures, monsters, etc. that are winking and blinking at me; this morning the light in my head finally went off as to what the tiles were telling me.
My spiritual teachers have long been telling me that the world I see is an illusion. That is a very difficult statement for any human to deal with, much less accept. Today though, I see their point very clearly. They told me that God is everything; the world and everything in it. They say that every person or thing I see coming at me, whether I see it as good or bad is God. The illusion is that the person or thing will be defined by my fears, my love and my weaknesses and strengths. My brain and emotions decide what it, if it’s a thing or they if it’s a person means or intends…….. My inner peace and balance or spiritual condition define my reality every day in every situation. One day the world is a joyous beautiful place the next day it’s a hell hole. If I’m feeding on negative news excessively, it will infect my opinion and expectations in all that I encounter…….. Everything is neutral, without meaning, until I give it my meaning that day, that moment; the same things will have a different meaning, you’re meaning, for you.
I look at all those twenty-two by twenty-two inch tiles in the bathroom floor and decide I want to see cowboys and I see them all over the floor or I can decide I want to see dogs, cats or Santa Clause and my brain sorts through the abstractions on the tiles and brings me the forms of a dog or Santa. These are not magic tiles, but I and everyone else has a magic mind. God is patiently waiting for us to learn to use our magic or miraculous minds in a more beautiful way every day……I see a better world when I look for a better world.