A few days ago, on the 10th of September, I wrote about missing my AA meetings for the whole month of August because I let the very hectic demands of my life keep me from meeting my first responsibility in my life which is staying sober, not taking that first drink because I can’t take just one drink; if I took one drink it would almost certainly send me back to the hell God and AA rescued me from 36 years ago. I’m sure it would mean my death; however, today I feel great because I got back to my meeting and the program of AA.

Nevertheless, as good as I feel this morning, I still wouldn’t tempt the demon of alcoholism by sticking my finger in his eye or taking up drinking non-alcoholic beer but I would kick him in the shins and give him the finger.

In that first article a few days ago some people may have gotten the idea that staying sober is touch and go for me but that’s not true. I do have my trials like all addicts, but in that article, I just wanted to emphasize to people that no matter how deep the hole or how wide the ocean you think separates you from God, you are as close as just reaching out to Him.

For an Alcoholic like me, there is no greater joy than when we’re standing ten feet tall in the care of the Father looking down on any demon anyone or any power can send against us with disdain, and just stomping across his toes as we walk out to meet our day every day.