I’ve been reading about an extraordinary man on the internet; he is an amazing person that most of us would call a whiz or a top-flight genius (not Elon Musk) but he prefers to be called a Polymath. A Polymath doesn’t refer to a whiz in Mathematics, although it can be, but rather a person who has great knowledge and ability in several fields, such as science, Mathematics, business, the Arts, the Humanities, and so on. This man’s abilities first emerged in Music and business, which today has made him the owner of several multinational businesses. His accomplishments are way too many to list here and I’m not mentioning his name because it’s not important to the point I’m making in my post.

Aside from this man’s amazing list of accomplishments he is also, from everything I’ve learned about him online and witnessed in several interviews, an extremely personable, persuasive not to mention loving, loveable, esteemed, and honored human being. I mean this man is truly amazing. I searched to satisfy my skepticism of if it looks too good to be true then it’s probably not true but the only glaring black mark on his bio, I could find, are two or three divorces which in all fairness these days could be a highly valued part of his education considering the high powered, aggressive ladies he probably, normally encounters at his levels of the business world.

The point I want to make here with my friends and readers is that this man with all his brilliance and accomplishments can and wants to save the world. The last piece I saw about him was a documentary and near the end of it, he somewhat sheepishly makes the point that with all the new and original discoveries he has developed and patented in mathematics, he can save the world from its present state of looming disaster. He believes he can bring about a new paradigm that can lift our extremely troubled world up and into a possible, never-ending utopia.

Now to my real point: This undeniably beautiful man’s story reminds me of two very popular stories from the bible. The first is about a prophet named Jonah whom God told to go to Ninevah, a city in Iraq, and preach repentance to the people to save them from their evil ways, but Jonah didn’t like Ninevah and decided not to obey God and tried to run away by getting on a boat going the opposite direction. So, God arranged to have Jonah thrown off the boat and swallowed by a great fish or whale and then have the whale go up to Ninevah and spit Jonah out on the shore. Jonah continued to resist but finally learned that when God wants you to do something you’re going to do it.

The second story from the bible is about when God’s people of that time decided to build a tower to heaven which they called the Tower of Babble, but God was displeased and confused the people’s language rendering them unable to communicate; ending their grand ideas of getting to heaven by just climbing a tower instead of obeying God and His laws. I guess, like humans of our time, they figured by using technology they didn’t need God and so He just ended their communication and their big plans. I bet those people were really angry and the whole debacle was a huge, long-lasting, ugly mess, maybe like the mess we have going today.

So, even the hugely talented, brilliant, accomplished, kind, loving man who talks about God like a real believer is blindly suffering from spiritual pride and low-grade egotism, He’s missed the simple lessons in the bible stories above and many more. He’s forgotten to get up every morning and talk to God and ask Him what He would have him, this amazingly talented Polymath, do each day — in other words, keep God First — A man’s feet might fill another man’s shoes but no feet can ever fill the wings of God and His Angels. God may want Mr. Polymath to use his talents to fix this shabby little world we already have and help us recover our respect for ourselves and each other, and help us re-examine our values and just maybe then we might have begun to re-establish the character and wisdom in people to last another few hundred years.


I’m sure people are going to say, “Well, how is he going to do that?” And, I would say the same way he made all those billions; turn his mind and spirit to it, tell God or the universe he passionately wants to do it and interjeticly get everyone he can involve in it with him ———- The whole nation and world would be singing the praises of any of these billionaires that would authentically and verifiably develop meaningful ways to regenerate the spirit and character of America, ways to inspire the young and the old that didn’t involve making the rich richer but was clearly about reinventing the infinitely powerful heart and soul of human beings, God’s children.

I know I rambling a bit but these are just thoughts. I see people doing small but very productive things in many places. All we have to do is just add more, more, and more creative juice and organization to some of these great ideas —–They are out there.