The ancients and modern science have come together. Praise be to God.

The ancient symbol of plenty is the cornucopia or horn of plenty fashioned after the horn of a goat; the symbol is so old we don’t know its origin. The shape of the cornucopia begins at the small, pointed end and opens up wider and wider to the open mouth of plenty or what looks like an infinity of supply. Apparently, the ancients saw the whole source of their life coming from an invisible beginning.

Modern science with the aid of all their fantastic, investigative instruments has dived to, searched to the absolute deepest depths of all matter and now tells us that our whole material world springs from an invisible, inscrutable place beyond light or thought or any kind of examination. They call this no place, place, pure potential, from absolutely nothing, comes everything.

Well, obviously, now, all the people through the ages that have believed in God have known science’s conclusion; they just called it the Word of God. Now, anybody and everybody who takes an informed look knows it too; whatever they may call it……. Praise be to God.