Does God have a grand plan for his creation, one that will embrace you and me forever? Yes, I think He does and it exists this moment in each of us, but each one of us must get it individually for all of us to fully realize this infinite truth; no one will be left behind because we are one.

No matter how confused, inept, or lost any one person or nation may look to you or me, I believe we are in an amazing process; each of us is just in a larval stage on the way to fulfilling God’s perfect design, and we must be totally immersed in each stage to get each stage and finally understand the whole truth. So, it looks like our greatest problem, the same old frustrating problem is our oldest problem: we can’t see the forest for the trees.

We are the caterpillar who can’t see past the cocoon and yet the butterfly and the greener grass is always in our minds leading us on to the other side——- Our soul must go through many stages before we can fully grasp spirituality but praise be to God we have eternity, if we need it, to get it right.