In life, if we are paying attention at all, we see that there’s a path for everyone’s life, including our own; we learn about the high road and the low road; we learn about getting off track and getting lost in the weeds; we learn about taking dead-end roads and blind allies, box canyons or even bottomless pits or oblivion but what is not mentioned enough, if at all, in these metaphors, BECAUSE THEY ARE ALL MEANT TO SCARE A PERSON, is that the path we’re on, the one that can look so frightening and devastating is also God’s path because God is the only power, the one, and only source of everything in the universe. There would be no path of any kind if not for God and His Holy Spirit, not even a dead still universe. God manifests and animates every iota of creation, every situation, and condition in our experience — visible or invisible. We are on God’s path with God.

God’s path, our path has infinite dimensions, both high and low for infinite realization for every one of us individually, Every aspect and facet that is complete in God eternally is in process of being realized in each of us. WOW, What a truth; each of us is destined to reach the fullness of God because we are God’s eternal children bound for an understanding beyond our present grasp of time and space.

Who would or could have believed that this little seed would one day understand that he/she is one with infinite God. The greater our love the deeper our understanding; releasing all metaphors for reality.