I love the miracle in the bible of the woman who was very ill; very weak in her body but powerful in faith.

She struggled around the edges of the crowd, watching Him. She loved His voice, she imagined His smell and believed if she could only touch the hem of His robe the power of God, of all creation, would flow into her, cleansing and healing her body. She knew He was the connection between the infinite, unseen power in this world and the heart and core of her being.

When she touched the hem of His robe, He turned directly to her in the teaming den of the crowd around Him and said, “Who touched me?” and the woman, her body fully healed, fearfully confessed. He reached out to her and said, “Woman, your faith has made you whole”.

Of course, this truth has always been at the core of His teaching: He repeatedly said, “I, of mine ​​own self, can do nothing, the Father doeth the works.” However, the individual, if he or she seeks the joy and healing of God’s presence, must ignite the relationship with desire, faith, and prayer.