This morning as usual, in prayer, I sought the peace of Christ, the Rock of Ages. I was poised for a period of meditation but instead slipped into a daydream as I am sometimes apt to do.

Suddenly, without warning, the famous Pied Piper stepped into my dream in full color with a salesman’s smile on his face regaling me with personality and attempting to dazzle me with his natural magic and alluring wares.

I said, “Ho hum, your wares are all thin and temporary and I’m sure the cost would keep me slaving ‘till I had totally forgotten about eternal life, love, and joy but the Rock of Ages cleanses my mind of the mental disease of creating diversions for myself that would keep me enslaved to endless desires, bedeviling endless, problems of my own making, and death.”

The Piper said, “Oh, you poor foolish, unambitious soul, I can remove your illusions and you can run your own life just like all your fantastically, successful brothers and sisters.” I winced with pain, as I thought of watching the daily news………… I waved him away, cleared my mind, and waited for the peace that passes all understanding to fill me.