Love is that great transcendent truth that we children of God long for above all else in the world; that awareness of love, that we see in each other when grace lifts us above our insecurities, fears, anxieties, anger, self-pity, jealousies, pain and sorrows. From this truly triumphant place, we see that pure perfect love in others and like the three kings of the Orient, who brought the finest gifts they knew of to the infant Jesus, we want to give all the best of ourselves, materially and spiritually, to the source of this love because just being in Its presence is completing our reason for living and we long to be possessed by It, by God.

And, then again by grace, we see that the source of this deepest truth of life is God, is in ourselves and is being reflected back to us by our mates, our children, our brothers, sisters, and all our fellow beings because we are one with God and them eternally. Praise be to Thee Almighty God.