George stood in the quiet darkness of the house watching his wife, Annabel, clutching her grandmother’s Bible, praying that the lump in her breast wasn’t malignant. In two days, she and George were going into the surgery center for her to have a biopsy done on the lump, and then they would know what had to be done. When she kissed the Bible and placed it on the nightstand, George quietly returned to the den, closed the door, and sat down in his chair for several minutes repeating to himself in his mind the word miracle, miracle, miracle. Then he drew a few deep breaths, and his mind grew quieter, For several minutes he stayed centered in the stillness, in the silence allowing no thought to enter his consciousness, waiting for whatever message would come.

George felt a calmness coming over his body and he waited, and he waited and then the awareness of his body was gone and an involuntary message, a Holy message, for George, began to flow.
“Remember how you searched high and low for Me for years George, you went to all those different churches, you even joined two of them, you read all kinds of books on everything from New Age bibles, Relativity and quantum physics, Western and Eastern philosophy. You took courses on new spiritual theories, some with value, some not so good, searching for Me.’

“Then, one day, you were watching a video by Tony Parsons a Non-Duality teacher and author of the book, “The Open Secret”, who you don’t fully agree with but on this day, he said something you had heard many times before in many different ways but that day, you were ready, you understood……. Tony simply shared with you that you can’t find what you already have, he was telling you and all his listeners that they can’t find God, can’t find Me the creator because I am appearing as all of you……. You finally got it, George, you can’t find the real Me, the creator, out there in the world because I’m not out in the world, I’m with you, I am with each individual person, you already have Me…….For instance, if you’re certain you’ve lost you sunglasses and totally forgotten they are pushed back on you head you will never find them out in the world because you have them right there with you. The same is true for a pencil behind your ear……. My kingdom and I are not of this world, the world out there. This world, the whole world is simply images, metaphors of My truth that each person holds within themselves, they interpret My truth, and then with the creative power I give them they project their understanding of Me and My creation out in front of themselves, to help them grow toward truly understanding Who and what I am.’

“George, the difficulty of asking for and accepting the miracle is the same as when you were not accepting that you already had Me; you have the miracle but because of your feelings of unworthiness you’re sure you don’t have it, you’re sure you can’t bring it to manifestation, but you do have it. You just still have that doubt that you’re not worthy of receiving a miracle. George, you are worthy but for now, just pray for Annabel’s prayer, pray for her miracle to happen, you know she’s worthy, and this will help you see you are also.”

George didn’t have to pray for Annabel’s miracle to come true, he just felt it: of course, she was worthy. When he came out of the meditation, George was relaxed, went to bed, and knew God was with him and Annabel.

Two days later, George, his stepdaughter, and two close friends sat in the surgery center waiting area for Annabel to come out from the biopsy. When George saw Annabel’s face, he knew something was very right……….

“George”, Annabel was beaming, “the doctor, the nurses, and technicians couldn’t find the lump; they had all these x-ray records of my breast clipped up on this board identifying the exact location of the lump but when they got the machine set exactly in position to go in and take the biopsy, it wasn’t there, George, it was already gone! The lump was gone George, just gone! It’s a miracle!”


The little story I’ve written here is based on a true story in my family’s history. I’ve used it to share where my faith is taking me.