Last night on YouTube, I saw Elton John Emceeing the induction of Leon Russell into the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame. It was beautiful and inspiring how Elton John revealed his love for Leon Russell who since the ’60s had been a great inspiration for him. He said, “When I first heard Leon playing, he was playing like I wanted to play, I wanted to be like him”.

To say the least, Leon was unique and always made me wonder what was going on behind that expression and mysterious way of his. It turned out that Leon had a spinal injury and medical problems since birth that seems it have finally ended his life in 2016 and was, in large part, the cause of his beautiful uniqueness.

As I watched the show and took in the greatness of this man, it reminded me of two other phenomenal artists: Beethoven, who was deaf by his mid-thirties, and the painter Vincent Van Gough whose mysterious mental illness was never solved; of course, there have always been many gifted but damaged people who never rose to any prominence but continued to be inspired to express themselves because it’s just what they want to do……….

…….. What do I want to do? I want to never run out of new ways to tell God how much I love Him, which I’m sure is infinite.